Can't Read Urdu. Download Urdu Font and Install into the system.

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Urdu Typing Tools


Urdu Tying Tools is a standalone typing tool to type Urdu using english keyboard. English Urdu Transliteration is the only method to get an English word into Urdu. It is not translation it is writing Urdu words using English letters. The tool listed below is a standalone Urdu writing tool. Type Urdu on the text box using English then it converts to corresponding Urdu letters. A green background appear when the langauge is Urdu and a grey color when the langauge is English. This tool will work on all the browsers which support JavaScript and Urdu font. This tool can be used to type Urdu in mobile phones and smart phones. Smart Urdu word suggestion is not available with this tool.


Urdu Typing

Type Urdu text in english here. The corresponding Urdu will appear on the textbox. The text input is configured to type from right to left. Also switching to English and Urdu is done by switching the radio buttons at the bottom of the textbox.

Copy the Urdu text from here.


Press Ctrl+C to Copy the Text


Urdu Alphabet

The Urdu alphabet is the right-to-left alphabet used for the Urdu language. It is a modification of the Persian alphabet known as Perso-Arabic, which is itself a derivative of the Arabic alphabet. The Urdu alphabet has up to 58 letters.[1] With 39 basic letters and no distinct letter cases, the Urdu alphabet is typically written in the calligraphic Nastaʿlīq script, whereas Arabic is more commonly in the Naskh .

Urdu Vowels

Urdu doesn't have standalone vowel letters. Short vowels (a, i, u) are represented by optional diacritics (zabar, zer, pesh) upon the preceding consonant or a placeholder consonant (alif, ain, or hamzah) if the syllable begins with the vowel, and long vowels by consonants alif, ain, ye, and wa'o as matres lectionis, with disambiguating diacritics, some of which are optional (zabar, zer, pesh), whereas some are not (madd, hamzah). Urdu does not have short vowels at the end of words.

Click Here to view the table of urdu vowels.

Urdu Letters Chart

This is a Stand alone conversion methode. Type Urdu in English (Urdu +English) and get Urdu unicode output.

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