Can't Read Bengali. Download Bengali Font and Install into the system.

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Bengali Typing Tools


Bengali Tying Tools is a standalone typing tool to type Bengali using english keyboard

English Bengali Transliteration is the only method to get an English word into Bengali. It is not translation it is writing Bengali words using English letters. The tool listed below is a standalone Bengali writing tool. Type Bengali on the first text box in English then it converts to corresponding Bengali letters on the second text box. A sample conversion is listed in the table below. This tool will work on all the browsers which support JavaScript and Bengali font. This tool can be used to type Bengali in mobile phones and smart phones. Smart Bengali word suggestion is not available with this tool.

Bengali Typing

Type Bengali text in english here. The corresponding Bengali will appear on the next textbox.


Copy the Bengali text from here.

Press Ctrl+C to Copy the Text


Bengali Alphabet

The Bengali alphabet or Bangla alphabet is the writing system for the Bengali language . Bengali alphabet is one of the most widely used writing scripts in the world due to the popularisation of Bengali langauge. The script is similar to Assamese with some variations. This script is used as the basis for the other writing systems like Meithei and Bishnupriya Manipuri. The Bengali script evolved from the Kamarupi script, which belongs to the Brahmic family of scripts

The Bengali script can be divided into vowel diacritics, consonant and vowel letters (including consonant conjuncts), modifiers, digits, and punctuation marks..

Bengali Vowels

Click Here to view the table and how to write vowels in the above translitration.

Bengali Consonants

Click Here to view the table and how to write consonents in the above translitration.

Languages written with the Bengali script

Bengali, Garo, Hajong, Manipuri, Mundari, Sylheti Also used to write: Bishnupriya, Bodo, Chakma, Chiru, Koda, Nisi, Deori, Dimasa, Koch, Khasi, Kudmali, Tiwa, Sauria Paharia, Miri, Chothe Naga, Thangal Naga, Moyon Naga, Maring Naga, Rabha, Rangpuri, Santali, Sadri, Oraon Sadri, Sulung, Panchpargania, Tippera, Kok Borok, Toto and Usui.

This is a Stand alone conversion methode. Type Bengali in English (Bengali +English) and get Bengali unicode output.

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