Can't Read Punjabi. Download Punjabi Font and Install into the system.

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Punjabi Typing Tools


Punjabi Tying Tools is a standalone typing tool to type Punjabi using english keyboard

English Punjabi Transliteration is the only method to get an English word into Punjabi. It is not translation it is writing Punjabi words using English letters. The tool listed below is a standalone Punjabi writing tool. Type Punjabi on the first text box in English then it converts to corresponding Punjabi letters on the second text box. A sample conversion is listed in the table below. This tool will work on all the browsers which support JavaScript and Punjabi font. This tool can be used to type Punjabi in mobile phones and smart phones. Smart Punjabi word suggestion is not available with this tool.


Punjabi Typing

Type Punjabi text in english here. The corresponding Punjabi will appear on the next textbox.

Copy the Punjabi text from here.

Press Ctrl+C to Copy the Text


Punjabi Alphabet

The Punjabi script is a phonemic abugida of forty-nine letters, and is written from left to right. The character set is almost identical to that of other Brahmic scripts. Consonantal letters imply an inherent vowel. Letters representing consonants are combined to form digraphs when there is no intervening vowel. Otherwise, each letter corresponds to a syllable.

The letters are classified into three categories vowels, consonants and partials.

Punjabi langauge has its own writing system, distinct but related to several other Indian languages' writing systems.

Punjabi Vowels

Click Here to view the table and how to write vowels in the above translitration.

Punjabi Consonants

Click Here to view the table and how to write consonents in the above translitration.

This is a Stand alone conversion methode. Type Punjabi in English (Punjabi +English) and get Punjabi unicode output.

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