Can't Read Telugu. Download Telugu Font and Install into the system.

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Download and install Telugu fonts in Computer


A Telugu Unicode font is installed in a computer to view Telugu content in a web browser. Other wise the Telugu in the internet is presented as scrambled or unreadble. Download and install Telugu fonts in Computer is very easy. But the instructions are different for different operating system.

Telugu Font Installation Insturctions

A Unicode Telugu font is required to view Telugu in a computer without any problems. A Telugu unicode font is needed to read or write Telugu in social media like facebook, gplus, twitter etc. Download and install Telugu fonts in an operating system is not so complicated task. Instructions to install Telugu fonts in various operating system are given below.


Font Instructions for Windows

First Download a unicode Telugu font.
Then save the font into your system.
Then copy the font file using Edit->Copy or right click on the font file and copy.
Then Open the fonts folder in your system. it is usually in C:\windows\fonts.
Or you can get it by run command from start->run. type fonts press enter. c:\windows\fonts will open.
Then pate the font into your system. Edit->paste.

Telugu Font Instructions for GNU/Linux

All majour linux distributions are now supporting Telugu language. If you not installed Telugu language support then you can install it from the corresponding repository.


Telugu in Ubuntu

if you are using a Debian or Ubuntu system, you can install our fonts easily by issuing this command from your console --

$ sudo apt-get install language-pack-te language-pack-te-base

This will automatically install all our fonts into Ubuntu.

Telugu in Fedora

You can install the Telugu language pack rpm from the repository or you can download the smc Telugu rpm pack and install it.

$ su -c " dnf install lohit-telugu-fonts.noarch"
$ su -c " dnf install langpacks-te.noarch"

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